Radio components calculator v4.0.7 [AdFree] APK [Latest]

Radio components calculator

Radio components calculator

A set of tools for the calculation of radio electronics

Color and text marking of resistors;
Marking of SMD resistors, including the EIA-96 standard;
Marking of SMD capacitors;
Marking of ceramic and film capacitors;
Color marking of inductors;
Calculation of the resistor for the LED;
Calculation of Ohm’s Law;
Calculation of the voltage divider;
Capacitor charge calculator;
Calculation of reactance;
“Star-triange” transformation of the resistors;
USB pinout;
TRS pinout;
XLR pinout;
DIN5 pinout;
xPxC pinout;
RCA pinout;
S-Video pinout.

What’s new:

– VGA pinout is added
– LCD pinout is added
– USB Type C pinout is added

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Radio components calculator v4.0.7 [AdFree] APK / Mirror

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